Client Reviews

Set aside any expectations you might have for a typical tour, and be prepared to embark on a journey like none other. Clinton will fill your afternoon with magic, mysticism, and revelation. His experience makes him a sage, but his ability to be spontaneous and vibrant leaves you knowing that he tailored the time to you personally. What more could you possibly ask for in a tour guide? Trust him, and be forever changed.
— Marilyn Robitaille, Stephenville, Texas & Cathy Seabring Wingdale, New York
Clint allows for a magical journey specific to the needs of his clients. With Clint’s guidance, I was able to connect with Sedona in a new vibration, grounding with nature in all of its knowledge, beauty, and most importantly, its connection to my soul. I was able to experience an opening and grounding of my heart center to the land in a way that I have not before. Now that I am back home, I see that my communication with others has improved dramatically, allowing my open heart to be shown and felt by others. I highly recommend any type of journey with Clint.
— Lisa Fox, Miami, Florida
I have visited Sedona many times in the past 20 years, and it was on my most recent trip, when I went on a tour with Clint, that I saw the real Sedona that I had never seen before. Clint is an amazing guide because he is an amazing individual. He knows the land—and he knows its creatures, plants and spirits. Clint lives his life with such integrity that he is is able to “talk the walk” that he authentically lives. It is rare in Sedona to meet a guide who has deep knowledge and holds the earth in such abiding respect. To tour Sedona with Clint is an honor. I have referred a number of my friends to meet with Clint, and all have had wonderful experiences with him. Clint is highly accommodating, and personalizes each and every tour he does.
— Cath Capozzoli, Albuquerque, NM
Before your Sacred Wheel tour, my wife and I were in exceptionally bad shape and had suffered much loss. When we got to Sedona we were immediately overwhelmed by all the glitz and foolishness. On a whim we decided to take your tour to “get some earth under our feet.” Your trip helped us stand up, strong in our spirits again. On the red rocks overlooking Cathedral I came to some major realizations that helped me take more direct control of my own life. It re-energized and crystallized me. I want to thank you for that!
— D.B., Topsham, ME
Clint’s teaching added profoundly to my understanding of the sacred path of the Native Americans. His wise spirit makes me think of eagle energy and awakened a place of love and respect in me that I had not felt in a long time. I carry it with me now forever.
— S.M., Austin, TX
Clint Frakes has moved beyond the old boundaries and developed strong spiritual connections in Native America. His pilgrimages will open you to touching the essence of our shared humanity.
— Carl A. Hammerschlag M.D. Author of The Dancing Healers and The Theft of the Spirit.
It is an absolute joy being on the land with Clint. His extensive knowledge as well as love for the land shines through everything he does. He clearly is a representative of the wisdom and heart of the Earth, and it was deeply felt during our ceremony in the Sacred Wheel. I feel blessed to have experienced a journey on the land with him.
— M.P. Maine