These are personalized, private journeys in which I take into account your interests and abilities in order to create the most fulfilling experience in Sedona and Northern Arizona. All levels of physical ability from extremely athletic to physically handicapped can be accommodated. The journeys range from wilderness hikes for individuals, couples and families to highly specialized intentional journeys and pilgrimages for the purposes of spiritual insight, healing, inspiration, or assisting you in finding tools and answers for your life.

Connection to place is a fundamental human need that is increasingly overlooked and absent in our lives. Our connection to place also strengthens our connections to each other. Cultivating deeper presence and a more profound relationship to the natural world, elements and life forms is both highly therapeutic and a source of genuine happiness and profound personal discovery. I emphasize deep earth connections through plants, animals, stones, and traditional indigenous means of dialogue with creation.

Sometimes there are special circumstances, needs, or questions an individual may have surrounding or underscoring their trip to Sedona. I am happy to facilitate a journey that addresses your most compelling needs or intentions and desires. Such journeys have included, supporting physical healing, facilitating vow renewals between couples, fertility ceremonies for couples trying to have children, supporting the dispersal of the ashes of departed loved ones, grief and depression counseling, and many other special circumstances.