Chris King

Chris King is an entrepreneur, father, wilderness guide, teacher, flute maker, spiritual seeker and lover of nature.

You’ll find Chris where trees grow tall, rivers run deep and the horizon stretches out for miles. He’s pursued many passions in life but his true purpose remains the same—to live a life of adventure far beyond the constraints of walls, windows and doors.

Chris believes that immersion in nature is the ultimate antidote to our frenetic modern world. Tremendous healing potential can be found if only we are willing to venture out into the open air. You can’t help but feel a deeper connection to the Earth and yourself as you explore the wilderness with him.

Chris has spent a lifetime studying personal development, business, yoga, meditation, herbalism, communication and life coaching. He now has the great fortune of making his living by bringing out the best in others. He has coached and inspired thousands of students worldwide through his innovative workshops, seminars, online courses and consulting programs.

When not on the land helping others transform and grow, Chris spends his days creating high quality herbal products, exploring, hunting, flute making, studying and hanging out with his family.

Chris will customize your Sedona adventure to your unique needs and desires. Any age, skill level or physical ability can be accommodated. He will work with you to set power intentions so your time here is not just fun and exciting, but deeply meaningful and transformative.

Chris King
Chris King