Four-day Spiritual Retreat for Grief, loss or Depression.


This program is designed to facilitate deep insight to our core beliefs, spiritual path and its obstacles, as well as our behavior as it manifests in our life-trajectory and in our relationships. It includes Western, Eastern and American indigenous practices and philosophy pertinent to clearing the road to healing and reclaiming our authentic selves. Each day includes a 4-6 hour land journey with a deliberate progression of clarifying our intentions and each land journey is aimed at prompting our increased capacity for living in authenticity and aiding our journey toward balance and healing on every level.

We emphasize traditional modalities of pilgrimage that involve treating the land/sacred sites as a therapist/healer/oracle, as well as a medicine for coping with grief and depression. Part of treating grief and depression is exploring this “condition” as a gift, albeit a challenging one, and accepting that in our conscious and deeply present dance with these intense states we can procure the means and tools for emotional/physical/spiritual survival to last a lifetime. Part of this process is embracing the archetypal “dark night of the soul” as a life teaching that leads us toward balance, wisdom and wellness.

Providing our clients with advanced practitioners and mentors that have hard-earned wisdom in these areas is part of the design. This includes pre and post pilgrimage counseling with a world-class life coach to make the client more available and receptive to the retreat experience; and later, to assist in a profound lasting integration of the teachings and experiences of the retreat. All practitioners are classically trained and highly skilled in their given disciplines.

Some of the auxiliary sessions include: nutritional consultation, plant medicines and herbs, equine therapy (aka “horse medicine”), chi kung, meditation instruction, medicine wheel teachings, world class body work and healing touch, women’s’ spirituality consultations, acupuncture and others. Both the core and auxiliary sessions and activities are tailored to the specific needs/circumstances of the client, and together we will design the most appropriate program from the initial basic template.


Details by arrangement after initial phone or Skype discussion.

Deposit: $200


"After an absolutely fantastic experience with Clint two years ago, I decided to make my way back to Sedona for a much longer and well needed escape. Once again, I was not disappointed.

I did not plan a single thing for this trip. I hadn't had time to do the research or even think about where I wanted to go. I let him know I wanted a peaceful and fulfilling experience to heal some of damage caused by stress from work and left it at that. He was able to create an incredibly memorable and rich 4.5 day retreat that included hiking, incredible views, creeks/swimming, the Grand Canyon, herbs, bodywork, and a Hopi visit. All of this came with a heaping side of learning about philosophy, indigenous cultures, history, physics, chemistry, herbs etc. He is extremely educated, well-read and well-spoken, making the experience more than just an average "retreat" or "tour." It really is a very unique experience.

I have no idea how he keeps of all of that information in his head! When you see him in action you can immediately tell Clint really cares about the land, the work and his clients. To top it off, Clint was extremely flexible and accommodating throughout the entire week. I didn't lift a finger and am very grateful for it. I feel de-stressed, relaxed and feel like I've grown. I am already planning my next trip!"

--Juliet F., Washington D.C.