Journey Sedona


My approach to the journeys is in the spirit of a "medicine walk". The working idea & practice is that you set your intentions before we visit these sacred sites and assume (and it is always the case) that you will find means of insight appropriate to your quest, be it healing, vision, procuring the means for a project or endeavor--whatever it is you might be looking for. I start with a brief interview and align our itinerary and activities to your specific needs and desires.

Different sites carry different energies and offer distinct gifts. One of the reasons I love this work so much is because every pilgrim/seeker is different and cultivates a unique relationship to the sites of Sedona and the greater area. Essentially I act as your pilgrimage guide and help present some of the subtle and hidden aspects of these places, and the gesture of making pilgrimage itself. The constant seems to be a profound embrace of beauty that illuminates and opens the client's unique spiritual essence more fully in the world.

While the focus is on pilgrimage, I will also acquaint you with natural features of the land, geology, botany, indigenous history and a full introduction to the Sedona landscape.


One Person: $85/hour

Two people: $385 for four hours and $435 for five hours

Each additional person is $95 each

Each additional hour is $85/hour for up to six people.

Deposit: $200