Taylor Kurz

Taylor Kurz has been a student of yoga since 2002 and is currently studying as an Ayurvedic practitioner with an emphasis in Pancha Karma and clinical yoga therapy. She is an initiate into the Sivananda linage and received her first 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher certification in Uttarakhand, India in 2010. Her studies continued with completing her 500 hour certification, encompassing an Ayurvedic and therapeutic emphasis; this was followed by a 200 hour Kundalini teacher certification.

Taylor is a naturalist, plant and animal lover, land journey guide, chanter, and artist. Her passions lie in yoga, Ayurveda, plant medicine, Eastern philosophy, Vedic science, astrology, and somatics. She believes that in the pursuit of sharing sacred knowledge and integrating these teachings, we can use this spark to illuminate the physical and esoteric bodies.