Here is a brief list of some of the services offered by Sedona Sacred Earth 


Vow Renewals

Ash Dispersals

Memorial Services

Spiritual Crisis

Grief and Loss Consultations


What Clients Are Saying …

"Sedona is one of the most magical and spiritual places on earth. I’ve visited many times, but as I continue to grow and seek out deeper spiritual connection, I feel a calling to return.

I met Dr. Frakes in the 90’s and was always in awe of his commitment to his ministry and Native American Spiritual practices and teachings. On my last journey to the mystical red rocks of Sedona, I sought him out as my spiritual advisor on a healing retreat. To have access to a man who walks this a spiritual path with true devotion to the Lakota ways and Native American community was a blessing and a gift!

This trip profoundly changed my life, and the guidance I received has increased my personal connection with Spirit. I learned so much about respecting my spirit and myself. Just as important were the lessons I learned about respecting the sacred land of Sedona and its mythological significance. To learn to relate to and respect this place was deeply meaningful for me. I have taken these lessons back to my home state of Hawaii and have shared them with my adult son. Dr. Frakes took the time to listen to me and genuinely feel what I was going through. His patience, wisdom and direction helped me to understand myself in ways I never imagined. We did a great deal of work in the private medicine wheel on his property. The prayers, guidance and insight that I received in that sacred wheel continue guide me.

With his assistance, I was able to deepen my meditation practice and strengthen my prayers. My gratitude and appreciation for the experience, support and guidance I received are beyond words. This was not a tour (and believe me, those are plentiful in Sedona…and highly commercialized) but a true spiritual awakening. With gratitude and Aloha, Mahalo Nui Loa."

--Laura W., Honolulu, HI