Extended Journey


We facilitate four-day retreats for inspiration, healing, grief and depression, couples and family counseling, and other special situations. We assemble a crew of top-notch practitioners, including massage therapy, herbal and nutritional counseling, acupuncture, equine therapy, and spirit-centered life coaching, along with a variety of specialized sacred land journeys.


Starting at $595 per day

Deposit: $200


What clients are saying …

“I had the pleasure of spending a five-day retreat with Clint in November, 2016 and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I discovered Clint through online research, and his work sounded ideal, but as soon as I connected with him, I knew that he was the perfect facilitator for my much-longed-for Sedona trip.

Before I even got out there, we had connected three times on Skype and in numerous emails to discuss my needs and expectations for the trip. Clint tailored my time with him to exactly match my requirements, and even added some things which he thought I would enjoy (he was right!). Clint arranged bodywork and other treatments for me which integrated the whole experience perfectly. The trip with him was much, much more than a holiday.

His knowledge of the land and the people is incredible and I am so grateful that he was my facilitator in my introduction to these sacred lands. I asked specifically to be introduced to native traditions and ceremonies and was not disappointed. The day trip to the Hopi Reservation, exploring sacred sites and visiting with the Hopi Elders is a day I will remember forever. We also had two follow-up Skype calls on my return home, where we reflected on the trip and discussed ideas fir my moving forward.

If you are visiting Sedona and want an authentic, nurturing experience, look no further than Clint. His warmth, humour and kindness shines out of him. He helped to bring me to a much greater understanding of myself and the world we live in and I feel blessed to have met him.”

--Leslie H., United Kingdom