Clint Frakes, the Founder and Head Facilitator, has guided over 15,000 pilgrims and visitors through Sedona, the Grand Canyon and the greater Southwest since becoming a guide in 1993. Over the past twenty years he has worked extensively in the Lakota and Dakota Territories and throughout Indian country learning traditions, lore and culture of America’s indigenous people. He has had the uncommon privilege of participating closely in these sacred traditions and practices them in his daily life.

Clint is also interested in worldwide spiritual traditions and attended Naropa University, North America's first Buddhist-founded college. He has made pilgrimages to dozens of sacred sites in India and Japan and has taught the Medicine Wheel throughout America and abroad. He received his Ph.D. in English with emphasis in creative writing from the University of Hawaii in 2006 and is an award-winning poet and writing teacher who weaves his artistry and craft of tongue into his tours and sacred journeys. 

His reservoir of knowledge has been reviewed as "encyclopedic". He explains and synthesizes aspects of deep ecology, natural history elemental and metaphysical forces within the context of the special sites you will visit. You will feel your creative juices and love of the timeless earth stir as you walk the land with him. 
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Sedona Sacred Earth
Guiding pilgrims on Turtle Island 
sacred sites since 1993
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