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Sedona Sacred Earth
Guiding pilgrims on Turtle Island 
sacred sites since 1993
Sedona Land Journey
starts at four hours

One Person: $85/hour
Two people: $385 for four hours and $435 for five hours
Each additional person is $95 each
Each additional hour is $85/hour for up to six people.

Grand Canyon Journey
eight to twelve hours

Flat rate of $625 for up to three people.  $125 for each additional person over three.  

Deposit:  $200

Hopi Nation Journey
ten to twelve hours

Flat rate of $625 for up to three people and $125 for each additional person over three.  Plus fees for the Hopi guide(s).

Deposit: $200

Sacred Waters Journey
six hours

$495 for one person; $95 for each additional person.  

Deposit: $200

Four-Day Retreats
​Starting at $595 per day

We facilitate four-day retreats for inspiration, healing, grief and depression, couples and family counseling, and other special situations. We assemble a crew of top-notch practitioners, including massage therapy, herbal and nutritional counseling, acupuncture, equine therapy, and spirit-centered life coaching, along with a variety of specialized sacred land journeys.

Cost: by arrangement

Half-day journeys require a $200 deposit. Full-day journeys require a $300 deposit.​ If you are booking more than one journey, all deposits can be placed in a single Paypal transaction. Payments can also be made through direct deposit, Vinmo, and personal check.

Customers can pay online via our virtual terminal.  We accept Pay Pal & credit or debit card for deposits only.  The balance can be paid with check or cash. You do not need to have a Pay Pal account to make a deposit on the Pay Pal site. The credit/debit option is on the left hand side of the page when you click on the button.  

Cancellation Policy
Deposits are non-refundable as of two weeks prior to the journey date.  If you cancel prior to two weeks before the journey date, we will refund 50% of your deposit. You can also hold 100% credit for a future date, or transfer the credit to a family member or friend if you cannot make it back to Sedona, provided that we are available on your chosen re-scheduled date.